Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spirit of the Anti-Christ

Amazing learning I had to deal with this demon, because I thought the Anti-Christ was one person coming at the end of the age. But it makes sense that there are demons in this arena of anti-christism. This demon is just against anything good, or holy or pure. We let him in by accepting being rejected or rejecting others. We have to repent of the feelings of being rejected by others and repent from rejecting others.

I don’t know about you, but this is a big one for me. For one thing I have felt rejected by my family, especially over this year, when the Lord has called me out to not have a job and trust Him to feed, clothe and house me; which He has done magnificently, but the family doesn’t see it that way. They’ve moved from mocking me to ignoring me. I’m sure they would say “that is not so!” but that’s how people were indignant with the Master when they said “who is trying to kill you! you’re crazy.” So I know what it means to be rejected but we are going to have to drop it. Very difficult. But it’s only by dropping it and letting them go can we have peace.

Some of you have had much worse rejection that I recounted above, but whatever it is, the feelings of being rejected, receiving rejection, remembering rejection and therefore growing the bitter root of rejection, calls the anti-christ demon to “Come On In!”

Also, we must stop rejecting others. We know how we are. No one is ever enough. We’ve got a list of people we don’t associate with. Some may not know we are rejecting them, but we know. The same demon comes in. We also probably know people in our lives who we have rejected openly and to their face. We must repent = change our behavior, don’t do it again.

So once you’ve identified these places in your life, repent of them and ask God for forgiveness. Then call that evil spirit, that hates anything pure and holy to attention:

“Spirit of the anti-Christ, I call you to attention”

“I bind you in the Name of Jesus and command you in His Name and by the Blood of the Lamb to get our now and go the abyss, completely, permanently and immediately. Go on Get gone!”

Folks, I had to do that for real in my life as I typed. You will have to fight these demons off often at first, but even then after months and years of knowing this you have to keep doing this. Between the last blog and this one, notice there was some days elapsed. Well, that ole’ Satan, struck me with stomach spasms and so I didn’t feel like doing this. Even now, I’m weak from a night of tossing and turning and visiting the ‘little girls’ room. So, those evil forces are trying to stop me from getting release and from letting you know any of this, or being reminded of this.

Call the anti-Christ spirit to attention again.

Make sure he’s not there and if you still feel in your spirit that he is there, bind him and cast him out. Insist that he go. He cannot stay, he is not allowed. This boldness comes from knowing your rights as a member of the Kingdom of God and this comes from reading the word of God and having an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Now, you know the drill. Praise the Lord and glorify His Name for His sweet Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit fill me anew and fresh this morning, as I go through this cleansing with my brothers and sisters on the Earth. I ask Lord that you fill me with yourself, that you pour out the oil of your Spirit all through me to heal the places where the anti-Christ has had his way. Heal me, Oh Lord, of this stomach problem and lift up my spirit and strengthen me. For all those reading this, Lord, I pray a hedge of protection and bands of heavens armies to come down and protect them, as they learn this and receive it. Thank you Lord because You know all that we need and are doing it. Completing the work You have begun in us. Thank You, Lord

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