Wednesday, October 7, 2009


That bird in the last blog was a Swahili Sparrow. You know if the Lord God Almighty cares for a sparrow, He cares for you. Here are some more birds. This kinda teachin’ needs some pictures, ‘cos it might get a little heavy here sometimes.
It is important that you know that God loves you. I know, I know, you already know that. But I’ve found a lot of us don’t really. God is Love. Anywhere in the Bible where you think you see God is not portrayed as loving, know that Satan is at work. God loves you.

He would not curse you or condemn you. The devil is the only one who would want to portray Him that way. Instead God is the One to warn you about the dangers of sin, which leads to death, hell and condemnation and guilt.

Another thought that comes to mind are the number of Christians who go to church only for fear of God. They are afraid that if they don’t go to church, God will be angry with them.

I was fearful of this God too, until I heard Pastor Bern say, God is not mean and if you have that thought recognize where it comes from and rebuke it immediately. So, in fearing God, surely that’s the answer to why we fear life. Imagine being a living being (which you are if you’re reading this) and fearing life! And God is Life.

Jesus’ Great Commission in Mark was “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…healing the sick and casting out demons.” We know Jesus wants us to do this because He sent out the 12 in Luke 9 to do this exact same thing. Then in Luke 10, he sent out the 72 to do the same. Besides, He did it all through His 3 year ministry and pronounced on us that “greater things than these will you do”. So we are supposed to be casting out demons. Lest you fear this will make you someone who sees demons under every rock – there may be demons under every rock! Wouldn’t you prefer to overdo it, than have horrible spirits following you around? Hm?

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