Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Word About Strongman Spirits

I just want to say a word about strongman spirits before we go too far. Jesus said, Matthew 12:29 – “Or else how can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.” and Mark 3:27 – “No man can enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.”

Each of these demons are under Satan or Lucifer, whatever you want to call him. They have generals in charge of them or strong man spirits. So often I will find a need to bind the strong man spirit in charge of whatever demon has come around me or I’ve identified. Once you bind him and he’s gone, the lesser demons, he has sent to you, all scatter, ‘cos they don’t have a commander.

Jesus loves you. He died for you, so that you could be saved from sin and have the power He had to rebuke these demons and cast them out. Don’t be afraid or intimidated by them. Just like you’re not scared of the demons we’ve talked about, so you don’t need to be afraid of the strongman spirits. They are under you, because you are in Christ – the oppression breaker. God told Eve this would be the case Genesis 3:15 “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel." So even though he can strike our heel, we crush, not just strike, crush, his head – that’s Lucifer we’re talking about folks.

Look, the demons need you to do anything. They can only work if you allow them to use you. The gates of hell will not prevail. Jesus has the keys to the gates of hell. Lucifer’s main aim is to prove that God is not God and he, Lucifer is equal to him and is in fact God and he’s going to go with that ‘til the end. So know you’ll be in battle until God takes you out of here.

Recently, the Lord let me know that many are depending on me making it. Many are depending on us persevering, not giving up, not getting tired, even if we get sick. Keep going, if you can and at least you can praise and worship the Lord and that is throwing mighty swords at the enemy. Also, know that when you’re weak, God knows, and He knows what you can do and He will take up the slack, where you are weak. He will do it. He will do it. He will do it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spirit of the Anti-Christ

Amazing learning I had to deal with this demon, because I thought the Anti-Christ was one person coming at the end of the age. But it makes sense that there are demons in this arena of anti-christism. This demon is just against anything good, or holy or pure. We let him in by accepting being rejected or rejecting others. We have to repent of the feelings of being rejected by others and repent from rejecting others.

I don’t know about you, but this is a big one for me. For one thing I have felt rejected by my family, especially over this year, when the Lord has called me out to not have a job and trust Him to feed, clothe and house me; which He has done magnificently, but the family doesn’t see it that way. They’ve moved from mocking me to ignoring me. I’m sure they would say “that is not so!” but that’s how people were indignant with the Master when they said “who is trying to kill you! you’re crazy.” So I know what it means to be rejected but we are going to have to drop it. Very difficult. But it’s only by dropping it and letting them go can we have peace.

Some of you have had much worse rejection that I recounted above, but whatever it is, the feelings of being rejected, receiving rejection, remembering rejection and therefore growing the bitter root of rejection, calls the anti-christ demon to “Come On In!”

Also, we must stop rejecting others. We know how we are. No one is ever enough. We’ve got a list of people we don’t associate with. Some may not know we are rejecting them, but we know. The same demon comes in. We also probably know people in our lives who we have rejected openly and to their face. We must repent = change our behavior, don’t do it again.

So once you’ve identified these places in your life, repent of them and ask God for forgiveness. Then call that evil spirit, that hates anything pure and holy to attention:

“Spirit of the anti-Christ, I call you to attention”

“I bind you in the Name of Jesus and command you in His Name and by the Blood of the Lamb to get our now and go the abyss, completely, permanently and immediately. Go on Get gone!”

Folks, I had to do that for real in my life as I typed. You will have to fight these demons off often at first, but even then after months and years of knowing this you have to keep doing this. Between the last blog and this one, notice there was some days elapsed. Well, that ole’ Satan, struck me with stomach spasms and so I didn’t feel like doing this. Even now, I’m weak from a night of tossing and turning and visiting the ‘little girls’ room. So, those evil forces are trying to stop me from getting release and from letting you know any of this, or being reminded of this.

Call the anti-Christ spirit to attention again.

Make sure he’s not there and if you still feel in your spirit that he is there, bind him and cast him out. Insist that he go. He cannot stay, he is not allowed. This boldness comes from knowing your rights as a member of the Kingdom of God and this comes from reading the word of God and having an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Now, you know the drill. Praise the Lord and glorify His Name for His sweet Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit fill me anew and fresh this morning, as I go through this cleansing with my brothers and sisters on the Earth. I ask Lord that you fill me with yourself, that you pour out the oil of your Spirit all through me to heal the places where the anti-Christ has had his way. Heal me, Oh Lord, of this stomach problem and lift up my spirit and strengthen me. For all those reading this, Lord, I pray a hedge of protection and bands of heavens armies to come down and protect them, as they learn this and receive it. Thank you Lord because You know all that we need and are doing it. Completing the work You have begun in us. Thank You, Lord

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Deaf and dumb spirit

In your daily battle along with the Lord, against the kingdom of darkness, it is essential for you to praise the Lord. Just like the last post ended with praise and receiving a fresh anointing, you need to stay in a position of praise. I’m always in a state of prayer or reading the Bible. Be in that lifestyle. I’m positive that if I stop being in this life of praise and prayer all day, I will fall back into fear and rebellion and all the things God has saved me from. I just won’t make it. Know you’re in battle and act like any soldier in battle and don’t put your weapons down –praise and the Word.

Next demon – deaf and dumb spirit. I call it this, but you can call it anything you want – it brings confusion to your mind and you’re not able to think clearly. It might be affecting you now. Even though I’m sure the Holy Spirit is being very clear through me as I type this, you are probably experiencing a lot of confusion. Is she teaching the right thing? Is this really necessary? When will I have time to research this for myself to be sure I’m not being led astray?

O.K. calm yourself down. After we cast this guy out, let’s see if you don’t feel a little better. Even though feelings are fickle and can’t be relied on. Know that there is more teaching about this. Refer to the Mark passage about the boy with the deaf and dumb spirit. The Holy Spirit says I should make these short blogs, so you will really read them and then you can go on to research more. He will help you.

Deaf and dumb spirit – it comes in when we rebel. So the Lord tells you to quit your job, or leave your church and you wait. Delay = disobedience. Satan’s happy. Here comes the deaf & dumb spirit to leap into your being and now you can’t even think straight. So the delay continues and you’re not doing what God told you to do. 5 years pass and you meet someone else who stepped out in faith and you tell your sad tale that “Yeah, I’ve felt God was telling me to quit my job, too.” Sad, sad, sad…and such a waste.

Think of some rebellion you've had against God. Now ask God to forgive you…of course if there are more and you know you ought to apologize to the Lord and repent, do that. Smile. Even laugh in this serious moment. Hey! It’s not that serious. It should be like brushing teeth. Casting out demons. You should have been doing it for the 50 years you’ve been a Christian already. What’s the point of having on the full armor of God, if you’re not doing battle? So ask forgiveness and receive it.

Now, let’s bring that guy down! Call that deaf and dumb spirit to attention.

“Deaf and dumb spirit, in Jesus Name, I call you to attention.”

Identify him. Wait a minute until you do. There’s no rush, you’re just beginning to learn this. When you identify, speak with boldness:

“Deaf and dumb spirit I bind you in the Name of Jesus and I cast you out into the abyss. Go on, get out! In Jesus Name.”

Be bold, believe and push it out of your space. If you need to, say that again. (I believe all written prayers should be embellished. So you can add to what I’m saying, anytime. The Holy Spirit is leading you.)

If you feel a need you can go on,

”By the blood of the Lamb you are bound and cast out completely, immediately and permanently.”

Then begin to praise the Lord. Glorify His Name and tell Him how wonderful He is, for He is surely worthy of praise. There is none beside Him and He is Love and He is Power and He makes all things possible. Praise the Father for Jesus, for all that His death made possible. Thank Him that we can do the impossible, more than we could ever hope or think because of the power of the Blood of the Lamb which was shed for us. That there is no way anyone can stand against us, for greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

Until next time. Please join in and comment and share!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Demon of Fear (Part II)

When you realize that you have let in the spirit of fear, first repent. Ask God to forgive you for being afraid and therefore saying He is not able or loving enough to take care of you. You may have to repent of fear of things from, ‘heights’ to ‘not ever getting married’.

O.k., O.k., I already hear you saying “I can’t stop being afraid of THAT! I’ve been afraid of that all my life. It’s just the way I am.” Now stop whining and realize something. Just because sin (o.k. that’s so judgy), not doing the right thing or doing unhealthy things have been part of your life – 11 years or 85 years, it doesn’t mean it’s O.K. or part of your born nature. There are people born mentally deranged and God has healed them. So the line is moving, get in the line, your turn is coming up. You can stop being afraid of the dark and you can stop worrying about if you’ll ever get married (again) or any other fears. I’m not laughing at you, really, I know some of you have some real fears that are very serious and probably everybody around you says they would be scared in your situation too. Just remember that fear is Satan’s calling card and he has rushed to your side.

This may take awhile so give yourself a break. If you’ve been afraid for awhile, you think this is natural. When you repent, receive forgiveness from the Lord and believe that He has started the process of healing. Then go on with your day in faith. You’re healed from being afraid. Believe it. You’ll receive.

The second thing you’re going to do is cast out the spirit of fear. Guess what. He’s not all that scary. By not wanting to confront him or it or her…you make him bigger than he is. David saw Goliath and didn’t stare at him too long before saying “I can take that guy down!”. The rest of the Israelites had been staring at Goliath for a month and ten days!!! I’m sure every day he looked even more formidable. My mother would tell us girls to wash the dishes after dinner. We’d beg to not miss our favorite TV show that came on immediately after dinner and in Nigeria TV didn’t come on until 6 p.m. when I was growing up, so this was a great occasion. She’d let us watch, but warn us that the longer the dishes stayed in the sink the more of them there would appear to be and the harder to wash!

So, if you’re still with me – call that spirit of fear to attention in Jesus Name, right now. That’s right, call it to attention. Make sure it’s in Jesus Name though. No other name has the power. Anything else may rescue you but won’t deliver you and your troubles will return.

“Spirit of fear, in Jesus Name, I call you to attention.”

Now, this might not always be the case, but for me, I actually feel or sense a presence in the room and I can often identify what area of the room the spirit is in. If you do, you can turn to that area and speak to the spirit of fear –

“Spirit of fear I bind you in the Name of Jesus, and I cast you out into the abyss.”

Dismiss him with the strength of your will. Believe it’s happening, don’t doubt. Know that fear will just call him back in. It’s very simple, it’s very clear, you don’t have to speak in tongues, you don’t have to yell (‘though I’ve been known to on occasion), they understand that ‘Name of Jesus’ power. Sometimes I feel there is a need for more words, mostly for me to encourage myself and so you can go on…

”By the blood of the Lamb you are bound and cast our completely, immediately and permanently.”

Then it is good to bind any retaliation and revenge spirits Satan is sending up to replace that spirit you just cast out.

“I bind right now in the Name of Jesus any retaliation spirits on their way up now. I rebuke you in Jesus Name and cast you right back to the abyss”

The abyss is hell. Now, some of you may think this is too bold or that we should say something else. I follow what Jesus said, not to say your opinion isn’t right, I’m just sharing what is working for me. Jesus scared the demons in his way and they would yell out “please don’t torture me” Mark 5:6-8. Sounds like the abyss to me. That word ‘abyss’ is actually used in Luke 8:31. So that’s why I’m bold to command them to go to the abyss.

I’ll close with this, about the spirit of fear. You, my dears, have been given dominion over the Earth. Adam failed to give God sons and daughters because he sinned, but Jesus came as the second Adam and did it. He has got sons and daughters for the Father and it’s us. He has returned us, if we will take possession of it, to our rightful position in the Garden of Eden state. The devil doesn’t want you to know this, because you would be doing effectual battle with him daily. Even though at first it will seem like you’re battling all day, it will get easier and the demons will bother you less and less. But each demon you bind and cast out does damage to Satan’s kingdom. That’s why you’re here. Battle on soldiers!

One more thing – now, worship the Lord and praise Him for the power He has given you. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill up all the spaces left by the spirit of fear and to pour the oil of healing over you and in all the crevices of your being that had been affected by the fear. You need to be filled with the Spirit of God again, receive a new anointing so that any demon that tries to return – and they will, they returned to Jesus over and over after his temptation in the wilderness – they will not find your being swept clean, empty, with room for more of them. Keep yourself filled with the Holy Spirit and anointed by God.

Another place the Lord had me learn a lot about this, is from Faith Tabernacle’s website and forum and sermons at under Pastors Bill & Marsha Burns. The Lord just said I should share it with you, so I am.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Demon of Fear

O.K. let’s look at some demons:

Belial, Jezebel, fear, anti-christ, deaf & dumb, infirmity, jealousy, haughty, lying, unclean spirit, perverse spirit, bondage, seducing, heaviness, death… and I just heard of a new one I didn’t know – vampire. I haven’t been taught about this one by the Father yet, but as I write this blog, He may reveal some things. It certainly is important to me if there is a vampire spirit, because there is a 13 year old, dear to my heart who loves all things vampire and all things Twilight – the movie, the book, the actors. I’ll cover the demons above and any others that come up.

The most troublesome demon to me is the demon of Fear.

What I’ve learnt is that we humans allow demons to enter us. Satan can do nothing to us unless we allow him. You see God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for us and He went down to Hell and took the power from Satan. Now Satan has to come through humans to do anything. When we sin, we give Satan the ability to enter our life. Let’s see the sin that brings the demons of fear running to us. We fear! Fear is a sin? Have you ever thought of that? Well, Jesus said “Fear not” so many times that I guess it’s something we’re not supposed to do. My dad used to say, worry is a sin. When we worry, we’re actually telling God, He can’t take care of us. The same thing with fear. We might say, we can’t do without fear, but God says “Fear not”. They say it’s said 365 times in the Bible. Why would He tell us not to do something that there was no way we couldn’t do. With Him, we know all things are possible, so it must be something we can do without.

When you fear or are afraid, the devils come running. It’s like their honey. They love fear. Hence the Bible says ‘fear is not of God”, 2 Timothy 1:7 (which really speaks of timidity is not of God and encourages us to speak the gospel boldly); Isaiah 41:10 (this is just a definitive statement of God saying don’t be afraid, that He is right here with us and don’t be afraid because He is our God); 1 John 4:18(of course I grew up on this translation - 18There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. (NIV), but this translation is clearer - 17-18God is love. When we take up permanent residence in a life of love, we live in God and God lives in us. This way, love has the run of the house, becomes at home and mature in us, so that we're free of worry on Judgment Day—our standing in the world is identical with Christ's. There is no room in love for fear. Well-formed love banishes fear. Since fear is crippling, a fearful life—fear of death, fear of judgment—is one not yet fully formed in love. (The Message).

More next time, but don’t let me do all the talking. Join in. Ask questions and add the knowledge you have gained about this topic, by just living.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Jesus and demons

Matthew 4:11, of course Jesus had to deal with Satan in the wilderness. He dealt with him. He gave him such a bad beat down that Satan left him and went away for awhile. Satan had to take a break. This is the first time we see Jesus & Satan in the Bible, but I believe the devil was there all the time. The killing of all the infants by Herod, Matt. 2:13-18, showed that Satan was at work. We see him at work all over the Old Testament. All we have to do is look with the Holy Spirit and He will show you, with rhema revelation.

Rhema is a Greek term that is often translated "word" in English versions of the New Testament. The Greek word logos is also translated "word" in a number of English translations. Many Charismatic teachers insist that there is a very special difference between these two types of "words." The logos kind of word is viewed as being the biblical "written word." But a rhema word is a special, modern revelation to someone. It may be in the form of a flash of insight into some spiritual matter that is not clearly covered in scripture. Or it may be an intuitive understanding that a particular scripture verse or passage has immediate application to a current circumstance, even though in context in the Bible it may have nothing at all to do with the topic of the circumstance. Such rhema words are sought after to give daily guidance to the life of the Christian.(Wikipedia)

In Jesus day, among the Jews, any sickness was considered evil. So every time he healed someone He came against evil and Satan. Often He would say spirit of whatever, get out. In Matthew after the Sermon on the Mount we see Jesus healing away or casting out spirits/demons:
• the leper
• the Centurion’s servant
• Peter’s mother-in-law
• He calmed the storm – was that demonic, that storm? Well, if something is in your way and it is a way the Lord has told you to go, as with the disciples (Mark 4:35 – And the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side.) and a ‘storm’ of life kicks up, I’d say that’s the devil. So, Jesus calmed that storm.
• He cured the man with madness (demons, lots of devils, demoniacs, host of Legion)
• His power healed the woman with the issue of blood, then Jairus’ daughter
• two blind men get to see
• a man gets healed of not being able to speak
• a man with a withered hand is healed
• Jesus solved an economic problem of lack in feeding the 5,000 men with their wives and children. So I’m guessing about 20,000, with five loaves of bread and two fish. Now, we can see that there is nowhere in the Bible where lack and poverty and hunger are blessings of the Lord, so Satan is in that and Jesus is here to heal that situation. Through us today He’s available to give us wisdom to do something about this and He will also use supernatural means.
• Chp.14:34-36 in Gennesaret, where everyone that even touched the hem of his garment got completely well.
• Jesus went on in Chp. 15:21 to heal the Canannite woman’s crazy daughter, and she wasn’t even eligible and knew it!

He went on healing through Galilee and here’s the great thing in v.31, at the end “and they glorified the God of Israel.” And that’s what we want. All this talk about demonology, who they are, what they are, what they do. We want everyone to be free and to glorify God. This praise of God just makes everyone’s life better. The more you praise the better you live.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


That bird in the last blog was a Swahili Sparrow. You know if the Lord God Almighty cares for a sparrow, He cares for you. Here are some more birds. This kinda teachin’ needs some pictures, ‘cos it might get a little heavy here sometimes.
It is important that you know that God loves you. I know, I know, you already know that. But I’ve found a lot of us don’t really. God is Love. Anywhere in the Bible where you think you see God is not portrayed as loving, know that Satan is at work. God loves you.

He would not curse you or condemn you. The devil is the only one who would want to portray Him that way. Instead God is the One to warn you about the dangers of sin, which leads to death, hell and condemnation and guilt.

Another thought that comes to mind are the number of Christians who go to church only for fear of God. They are afraid that if they don’t go to church, God will be angry with them.

I was fearful of this God too, until I heard Pastor Bern say, God is not mean and if you have that thought recognize where it comes from and rebuke it immediately. So, in fearing God, surely that’s the answer to why we fear life. Imagine being a living being (which you are if you’re reading this) and fearing life! And God is Life.

Jesus’ Great Commission in Mark was “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…healing the sick and casting out demons.” We know Jesus wants us to do this because He sent out the 12 in Luke 9 to do this exact same thing. Then in Luke 10, he sent out the 72 to do the same. Besides, He did it all through His 3 year ministry and pronounced on us that “greater things than these will you do”. So we are supposed to be casting out demons. Lest you fear this will make you someone who sees demons under every rock – there may be demons under every rock! Wouldn’t you prefer to overdo it, than have horrible spirits following you around? Hm?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Comprehensive Demonology

Now, this is God. My fifth blog and I thought four was quite enough, but the Lord has laid this on my heart to do. So many Christians do not want to deal with demons, but dealing with them is part of the Great Commission of Christ. I feel led to go at it. I feel as spunky as this little sister in the picture, and I'm going through with it. So there! Those who know how to pray, pray a hedge of protection around you and me. I am doing the same. Victory is already ours in Jesus Name!!!

First I’m going to pray: Lord, thank You for this day. Yom Kippur has passed and the day of atonement and we have laid ourselves out before You again and asked that You forgive our sins and cleanse us. Many of us feel a new day has begun and You will call many of us who never thought we could be much use to You, into service. Here we are Lord. Glad to be in the service, glad to be starting this during the Feast of Tabernacles and all that it means.

As I start this blog, Lord, I go forward boldly, knowing that you are on my side and that the Enemy is furious (as usual), but that I have the upperhand in You. Do not let us be disgraced or cast down. Cause us to lift up our heads and know that you are God and All-Powerful and All-Loving. Thank You for the words You will give me to say and the way You will move this ministry along. All to Your Glory, that I may decrease and You may increase, I pray in Jesus Name. In the name of Jesus and by the Blood of the Lamb I rebuke all strongman spirits sent to stop this teaching. I bind you and all your cohorts in the Name of Jesus and cast you into the abyss, by the blood of the Lamb. All spirits of fear, I bind you in the Name of Jesus and cast you out, completely, continually, and permanently, in the Name of Jesus.

And now Lord I ask that you pour out on us the oil of the Holy Spirit, that all places where these demons had residence will be filled by Your Power and there will be no room if their replacements ever try to come in. Fill us anew and afresh this morning dear Holy Spirit. Thank You again for this opportunity to be a ready writer for You. I take the courage You are giving me and go forward. Hallelujah.

The next thing, that is very important is that you know that God led me to be taught by Pastor Bern Zumpano and his website is and he has free downloads of teachings on many things and has a lot on Comprehensive Demonology. So check that out and as is most of his things, it’s FREE. Wait a minute, let me check again…yep, still FREE. Now, you know that is a man of God, ‘cos how does he eat? Oh, that’s right God provides – Jehovah Jireh.