Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Spirit of Whoredoms

This spirit comes in when we commit idolatry. Yes, us. We may call ourselves Christians but we still sin and commit idolatry. The Israelites knew the Lord and sinned by idolatry (so many examples but one: 2 Chronicles 25:18). They are a shadow of us. We are doing the same thing. You may think you don’t bow down to an idol, but can you live without your boyfriend? Mmm. Can you give up your Bentley? Mmm. Can you let go your dream to get that PhD, you’ve wished for since you were 9 in the jungle of Bangladesh and you’re almost finished and have already spent so much money on it. But God has said pull out. Mmm! Perhaps a big ‘No’ for that last one.

You will need, in order to get rid of this demon of whoredoms, to confess areas where you have put people or things ahead of God. Note the disciple in Matthew 9:21-22. Or the rich ruler who wanted to know what else he could do for God, Matthew 19:20-24. Under the power of the Holy Spirit test yourself and think what is it that you could no way give up. Count that an idol. God will help you know. The Holy Spirit is happy to teach you and show you all truth, so He is ready and able and standing by, hoping you give Him a chance to help you get free.

So confess that you have put anything or anyone before God. Repent. Don’t do it anymore. Praise God for the power of Jesus blood washing you clean. Now you are on the side of right and can tell the whoredom demon that came in because of this idolatry. Tell the demon to get out and go where Jesus tells it to go.
Check to make sure it has gone by calling it to attention. If you still feel it’s around, bind up, rebuke, cast out again. Receive your freedom and rejoice.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Lying Spirit

Hypocrisy and deception invite the lying spirit in. This demon causes you to live in fantasy. Now, without judging anybody, can you see how we and the world around us are trapped by this demon? Talk about living in fantasy. That seems to be America’s new mainstay instead of capitalism. We should confess hypocrisy and deception and repent of it.

Hypocrisy – tricky if you don’t know you’re being a hypocrite. Being deceptive runs so deep, we will need help from the Spirit of God to identify this problem. Here’s a big lie identified in the word of God – he who says he has no sin, deceives himself and the truth is not in him (1 John 1:8). So before you say you don’t deceive, wait and hear what the Father has to say to you about that.

Confess your sins of hypocrisy and deception. Now you can call the lying spirit to attention. Here’s one where I feel I should first bind the strongman spirit. Of course you can do that with any of the demons we’ve studied. Call that strongman spirit in charge of the lying spirit to attention. Remember that Lucifer is the father of lies and lies to us and thereby leads us to sin. The act is our choice, but he uses lies to lead us there.

“Strong man spirit of these lying spirits influencing me, I bind you in the Name of Jesus and by the Blood of the Lamb. I cast you out now, into the abyss. You and all your minions. Be cast out now. I am loosed from off of you and you are bound and cast out.”

Because you have repented and are under the Covenant and law of God which means you can bind things on Earth and since you have dominion through Jesus Christ, you have the authority. Know that they are gone. Of course, you can check again and call them to attention. If any are identified in your space, repeat your commands.

Remember to praise the Lord God who has put you in position. Worship Him that you are called to be a soldier of the Cross, that you get to fight on the side of the Kingdom of heaven.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Haughty Demon

We all know this one and it is a stumbling block, perhaps even one of the little foxes(Song of Solomon 2:15). Our pride. It invites in the haughty demon. Confess it and if you’re having trouble because some of us have been so proud for so long that we’re like ‘Duh?’ ask God to help you see it. He will, for this is truly a problem. Repent of it and ask God for forgiveness. Call the demon to attention.

“Haughty spirit, I call you to attention in Jesus Name.” When you identify it;

“I bind you in the Name of Jesus and I cast you out into the abyss, now.”

Praise the Lord for release. Receive His forgiveness and forgive yourself.

NB: Areas of pride you may not think of – not wanting to take help from anyone, but always giving help; not wanting anyone to see you doing good, lest they criticize some part of it; calling your way of cooking rice, the only way (O.K. I got a little personal:( ,you catch the drift……………………………….)