Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Comprehensive Demonology

Now, this is God. My fifth blog and I thought four was quite enough, but the Lord has laid this on my heart to do. So many Christians do not want to deal with demons, but dealing with them is part of the Great Commission of Christ. I feel led to go at it. I feel as spunky as this little sister in the picture, and I'm going through with it. So there! Those who know how to pray, pray a hedge of protection around you and me. I am doing the same. Victory is already ours in Jesus Name!!!

First I’m going to pray: Lord, thank You for this day. Yom Kippur has passed and the day of atonement and we have laid ourselves out before You again and asked that You forgive our sins and cleanse us. Many of us feel a new day has begun and You will call many of us who never thought we could be much use to You, into service. Here we are Lord. Glad to be in the service, glad to be starting this during the Feast of Tabernacles and all that it means.

As I start this blog, Lord, I go forward boldly, knowing that you are on my side and that the Enemy is furious (as usual), but that I have the upperhand in You. Do not let us be disgraced or cast down. Cause us to lift up our heads and know that you are God and All-Powerful and All-Loving. Thank You for the words You will give me to say and the way You will move this ministry along. All to Your Glory, that I may decrease and You may increase, I pray in Jesus Name. In the name of Jesus and by the Blood of the Lamb I rebuke all strongman spirits sent to stop this teaching. I bind you and all your cohorts in the Name of Jesus and cast you into the abyss, by the blood of the Lamb. All spirits of fear, I bind you in the Name of Jesus and cast you out, completely, continually, and permanently, in the Name of Jesus.

And now Lord I ask that you pour out on us the oil of the Holy Spirit, that all places where these demons had residence will be filled by Your Power and there will be no room if their replacements ever try to come in. Fill us anew and afresh this morning dear Holy Spirit. Thank You again for this opportunity to be a ready writer for You. I take the courage You are giving me and go forward. Hallelujah.

The next thing, that is very important is that you know that God led me to be taught by Pastor Bern Zumpano and his website is www.walkinginpower.org and he has free downloads of teachings on many things and has a lot on Comprehensive Demonology. So check that out and as is most of his things, it’s FREE. Wait a minute, let me check again…yep, still FREE. Now, you know that is a man of God, ‘cos how does he eat? Oh, that’s right God provides – Jehovah Jireh.


  1. Hello Princess Carroll, I love the blog and it is all so true. I am a member of she writes and I have a blog here too. God Bless you and keep on obeying God.

  2. Thanks Priscilla for the encouragement. I certainly need it, as do us all.
    Blessings, Princess Ayo

  3. I've added your blog to my google reader.
    This is such a great coincidence. I've been listening to some audio tapes by Win Worley, a great deliverance preacher.

    Some really good websites you might like:


    This is also a great podcast

    Love you, Princess Ayo, my dear sister in Christ.

  4. Good stuff, Princess!
    I've recently started focusing more on this subject myself. I will be hosting a blogtalk radio show that will shine the spotlight on the spiritual realm - and gifts of the spirit.
    Donald James Parker
    Author of Reforming the Potter's Clay

  5. Thanks for your comments guys. As I was saying on Priscilla's blog, I think God has us thinking about this for such a time as this. We can cast all fear aside, lift up our swords and CHARGE! Let us know about your blogtalk, Donald.