Thursday, October 15, 2009

Deaf and dumb spirit

In your daily battle along with the Lord, against the kingdom of darkness, it is essential for you to praise the Lord. Just like the last post ended with praise and receiving a fresh anointing, you need to stay in a position of praise. I’m always in a state of prayer or reading the Bible. Be in that lifestyle. I’m positive that if I stop being in this life of praise and prayer all day, I will fall back into fear and rebellion and all the things God has saved me from. I just won’t make it. Know you’re in battle and act like any soldier in battle and don’t put your weapons down –praise and the Word.

Next demon – deaf and dumb spirit. I call it this, but you can call it anything you want – it brings confusion to your mind and you’re not able to think clearly. It might be affecting you now. Even though I’m sure the Holy Spirit is being very clear through me as I type this, you are probably experiencing a lot of confusion. Is she teaching the right thing? Is this really necessary? When will I have time to research this for myself to be sure I’m not being led astray?

O.K. calm yourself down. After we cast this guy out, let’s see if you don’t feel a little better. Even though feelings are fickle and can’t be relied on. Know that there is more teaching about this. Refer to the Mark passage about the boy with the deaf and dumb spirit. The Holy Spirit says I should make these short blogs, so you will really read them and then you can go on to research more. He will help you.

Deaf and dumb spirit – it comes in when we rebel. So the Lord tells you to quit your job, or leave your church and you wait. Delay = disobedience. Satan’s happy. Here comes the deaf & dumb spirit to leap into your being and now you can’t even think straight. So the delay continues and you’re not doing what God told you to do. 5 years pass and you meet someone else who stepped out in faith and you tell your sad tale that “Yeah, I’ve felt God was telling me to quit my job, too.” Sad, sad, sad…and such a waste.

Think of some rebellion you've had against God. Now ask God to forgive you…of course if there are more and you know you ought to apologize to the Lord and repent, do that. Smile. Even laugh in this serious moment. Hey! It’s not that serious. It should be like brushing teeth. Casting out demons. You should have been doing it for the 50 years you’ve been a Christian already. What’s the point of having on the full armor of God, if you’re not doing battle? So ask forgiveness and receive it.

Now, let’s bring that guy down! Call that deaf and dumb spirit to attention.

“Deaf and dumb spirit, in Jesus Name, I call you to attention.”

Identify him. Wait a minute until you do. There’s no rush, you’re just beginning to learn this. When you identify, speak with boldness:

“Deaf and dumb spirit I bind you in the Name of Jesus and I cast you out into the abyss. Go on, get out! In Jesus Name.”

Be bold, believe and push it out of your space. If you need to, say that again. (I believe all written prayers should be embellished. So you can add to what I’m saying, anytime. The Holy Spirit is leading you.)

If you feel a need you can go on,

”By the blood of the Lamb you are bound and cast out completely, immediately and permanently.”

Then begin to praise the Lord. Glorify His Name and tell Him how wonderful He is, for He is surely worthy of praise. There is none beside Him and He is Love and He is Power and He makes all things possible. Praise the Father for Jesus, for all that His death made possible. Thank Him that we can do the impossible, more than we could ever hope or think because of the power of the Blood of the Lamb which was shed for us. That there is no way anyone can stand against us, for greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

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  1. Amen! I am doing this study today in bible study on the deaf and dumb spirit and ran across your blog online. this is a blessing. To many times we let these spirits into our lives. We need to walk in authority. Amen, i agree.

  2. Doesn't this spirit need to be broken off generationally?

    1. Look into matriarchal spirits, I believe they may be a key to many of the generational curses we see today. Not the total answer, but they play a part.

      I was going to respond to this post yesterday, but had to continue through my own experience.