Monday, October 12, 2009

Demon of Fear (Part II)

When you realize that you have let in the spirit of fear, first repent. Ask God to forgive you for being afraid and therefore saying He is not able or loving enough to take care of you. You may have to repent of fear of things from, ‘heights’ to ‘not ever getting married’.

O.k., O.k., I already hear you saying “I can’t stop being afraid of THAT! I’ve been afraid of that all my life. It’s just the way I am.” Now stop whining and realize something. Just because sin (o.k. that’s so judgy), not doing the right thing or doing unhealthy things have been part of your life – 11 years or 85 years, it doesn’t mean it’s O.K. or part of your born nature. There are people born mentally deranged and God has healed them. So the line is moving, get in the line, your turn is coming up. You can stop being afraid of the dark and you can stop worrying about if you’ll ever get married (again) or any other fears. I’m not laughing at you, really, I know some of you have some real fears that are very serious and probably everybody around you says they would be scared in your situation too. Just remember that fear is Satan’s calling card and he has rushed to your side.

This may take awhile so give yourself a break. If you’ve been afraid for awhile, you think this is natural. When you repent, receive forgiveness from the Lord and believe that He has started the process of healing. Then go on with your day in faith. You’re healed from being afraid. Believe it. You’ll receive.

The second thing you’re going to do is cast out the spirit of fear. Guess what. He’s not all that scary. By not wanting to confront him or it or her…you make him bigger than he is. David saw Goliath and didn’t stare at him too long before saying “I can take that guy down!”. The rest of the Israelites had been staring at Goliath for a month and ten days!!! I’m sure every day he looked even more formidable. My mother would tell us girls to wash the dishes after dinner. We’d beg to not miss our favorite TV show that came on immediately after dinner and in Nigeria TV didn’t come on until 6 p.m. when I was growing up, so this was a great occasion. She’d let us watch, but warn us that the longer the dishes stayed in the sink the more of them there would appear to be and the harder to wash!

So, if you’re still with me – call that spirit of fear to attention in Jesus Name, right now. That’s right, call it to attention. Make sure it’s in Jesus Name though. No other name has the power. Anything else may rescue you but won’t deliver you and your troubles will return.

“Spirit of fear, in Jesus Name, I call you to attention.”

Now, this might not always be the case, but for me, I actually feel or sense a presence in the room and I can often identify what area of the room the spirit is in. If you do, you can turn to that area and speak to the spirit of fear –

“Spirit of fear I bind you in the Name of Jesus, and I cast you out into the abyss.”

Dismiss him with the strength of your will. Believe it’s happening, don’t doubt. Know that fear will just call him back in. It’s very simple, it’s very clear, you don’t have to speak in tongues, you don’t have to yell (‘though I’ve been known to on occasion), they understand that ‘Name of Jesus’ power. Sometimes I feel there is a need for more words, mostly for me to encourage myself and so you can go on…

”By the blood of the Lamb you are bound and cast our completely, immediately and permanently.”

Then it is good to bind any retaliation and revenge spirits Satan is sending up to replace that spirit you just cast out.

“I bind right now in the Name of Jesus any retaliation spirits on their way up now. I rebuke you in Jesus Name and cast you right back to the abyss”

The abyss is hell. Now, some of you may think this is too bold or that we should say something else. I follow what Jesus said, not to say your opinion isn’t right, I’m just sharing what is working for me. Jesus scared the demons in his way and they would yell out “please don’t torture me” Mark 5:6-8. Sounds like the abyss to me. That word ‘abyss’ is actually used in Luke 8:31. So that’s why I’m bold to command them to go to the abyss.

I’ll close with this, about the spirit of fear. You, my dears, have been given dominion over the Earth. Adam failed to give God sons and daughters because he sinned, but Jesus came as the second Adam and did it. He has got sons and daughters for the Father and it’s us. He has returned us, if we will take possession of it, to our rightful position in the Garden of Eden state. The devil doesn’t want you to know this, because you would be doing effectual battle with him daily. Even though at first it will seem like you’re battling all day, it will get easier and the demons will bother you less and less. But each demon you bind and cast out does damage to Satan’s kingdom. That’s why you’re here. Battle on soldiers!

One more thing – now, worship the Lord and praise Him for the power He has given you. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill up all the spaces left by the spirit of fear and to pour the oil of healing over you and in all the crevices of your being that had been affected by the fear. You need to be filled with the Spirit of God again, receive a new anointing so that any demon that tries to return – and they will, they returned to Jesus over and over after his temptation in the wilderness – they will not find your being swept clean, empty, with room for more of them. Keep yourself filled with the Holy Spirit and anointed by God.

Another place the Lord had me learn a lot about this, is from Faith Tabernacle’s website and forum and sermons at under Pastors Bill & Marsha Burns. The Lord just said I should share it with you, so I am.


  1. Great post! Here's a good site also.

  2. I had a strong fear of dying and it caused me to not be able to sleep and I suffered agoraphobia I went and got deliverance through inner healing and I even remember hearing a mans voice come out of me during the deliverance.

    Now I got my life back! Praise the Lord!