Friday, October 9, 2009

Jesus and demons

Matthew 4:11, of course Jesus had to deal with Satan in the wilderness. He dealt with him. He gave him such a bad beat down that Satan left him and went away for awhile. Satan had to take a break. This is the first time we see Jesus & Satan in the Bible, but I believe the devil was there all the time. The killing of all the infants by Herod, Matt. 2:13-18, showed that Satan was at work. We see him at work all over the Old Testament. All we have to do is look with the Holy Spirit and He will show you, with rhema revelation.

Rhema is a Greek term that is often translated "word" in English versions of the New Testament. The Greek word logos is also translated "word" in a number of English translations. Many Charismatic teachers insist that there is a very special difference between these two types of "words." The logos kind of word is viewed as being the biblical "written word." But a rhema word is a special, modern revelation to someone. It may be in the form of a flash of insight into some spiritual matter that is not clearly covered in scripture. Or it may be an intuitive understanding that a particular scripture verse or passage has immediate application to a current circumstance, even though in context in the Bible it may have nothing at all to do with the topic of the circumstance. Such rhema words are sought after to give daily guidance to the life of the Christian.(Wikipedia)

In Jesus day, among the Jews, any sickness was considered evil. So every time he healed someone He came against evil and Satan. Often He would say spirit of whatever, get out. In Matthew after the Sermon on the Mount we see Jesus healing away or casting out spirits/demons:
• the leper
• the Centurion’s servant
• Peter’s mother-in-law
• He calmed the storm – was that demonic, that storm? Well, if something is in your way and it is a way the Lord has told you to go, as with the disciples (Mark 4:35 – And the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side.) and a ‘storm’ of life kicks up, I’d say that’s the devil. So, Jesus calmed that storm.
• He cured the man with madness (demons, lots of devils, demoniacs, host of Legion)
• His power healed the woman with the issue of blood, then Jairus’ daughter
• two blind men get to see
• a man gets healed of not being able to speak
• a man with a withered hand is healed
• Jesus solved an economic problem of lack in feeding the 5,000 men with their wives and children. So I’m guessing about 20,000, with five loaves of bread and two fish. Now, we can see that there is nowhere in the Bible where lack and poverty and hunger are blessings of the Lord, so Satan is in that and Jesus is here to heal that situation. Through us today He’s available to give us wisdom to do something about this and He will also use supernatural means.
• Chp.14:34-36 in Gennesaret, where everyone that even touched the hem of his garment got completely well.
• Jesus went on in Chp. 15:21 to heal the Canannite woman’s crazy daughter, and she wasn’t even eligible and knew it!

He went on healing through Galilee and here’s the great thing in v.31, at the end “and they glorified the God of Israel.” And that’s what we want. All this talk about demonology, who they are, what they are, what they do. We want everyone to be free and to glorify God. This praise of God just makes everyone’s life better. The more you praise the better you live.


  1. I know it is Gods will for us to be well. I am in pain all the time and so is my husband. I know by His stripes we are healed. Will you stand with me in this? I thank you for your blogs and I love this site, especially the photos of the sparrows.

  2. Thank you Vicki for commenting and I am certainly standing with you in prayer for your healing and your husband's healing. Hallelujah Father for victory for these two.

    Just believe girl! You've got it. No matter what it looks like or feels like. Believe.