Thursday, November 26, 2009

Spirit of Witchcraft

The Spirit of witchcraft comes in if we try to control others. Also, if we are involved in witchcraft, the occult, ouija boards, horoscopes (yep, horoscopes! They are not fun, but a way to let this demon in), tea leaves reading, s̩ances, palm readingРanything you can think of in this regard. Blatant use of witchcraft is in Wicca & Yoruba religionists out of West Africa (a great pull for African Americans because they are so pro-black), Voodoo, prevalent in Haiti and Benin and so on. Some of us look only at this kind of witchcraft and not in the subtle areas of trying to manipulate others. But if you think about it, it is similar, because the witchcraft practitioner is trying to manipulate events for you and control them Рmake someone fall in love with you, punish someone who has done you wrong.

Now, confess and repent of your desires and efforts to control others through your attitudes and behavior; repent of involvement in the occult. Receive the forgiveness offered you by the Father, forgive yourself and anyone else that you feel may have led you into witchcraft in ALL its forms. Call the demon of witchcraft to attention, now that you are back under the will of God, he has no right to you; rebuke, bind and cast him out. Here’s the drill:

“Demon of witchcraft, I call you to attention. I bind you in the Name of Jesus, you have no rights here and no power over me. I know better now, your time is up in my life! I cast you out into the abyss now. Get! I call myself loosed from this evil force now, in Jesus Name.”

Now, worship the Lord God for His goodness to you and your release from the clutches of this awful spirit. Thank Him for revealing this truth to you and ask blessing and healing on people you have been trying to control all your life and speak freedom and release into their lives.

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