Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I must pause for a minute before I go on because something happened

Friends, I've just returned home after a week in a hospital bed and 2 weeks recovery in my mother's home. They said I had ulcers from the H. Pylori bacteria and I was admitted to the hospital in Virginia on Thursday, October 22, vomiting blood and having diarrhea which was all blood.

Praise God the bleeding stopped in a few days. What's interesting is that this came about as I finished typing one more post for the blog, the Lord God told me to write
The post was the dealing with the spirit of infirmity! I'm about to put it up. I was also trying to write an article about Rev. Enoch Adeboye, the leader of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Nigeria for Evangelist Akanimoh. Also, I was just putting the TV show I'm the host of, Africa's Vision Network, up on YouTube.

The Lord has called me to write. Now, I see it is true and I did hear My Lord because the devil is mad that I'm doing it but I'm not scared.

Continue to pray for me, because I'm going to keep doing the work of the Lord, until I die! And I will live, to praise the Name of the Lord!

Love you all,
Princess Ayo


  1. Praise the Lord that he counted you worthy to suffer on His behalf and for his mission! Truly he has called you for this time. I have been so blessed and favored through this site. God has set me free from all the things that would tie my body up in knots of pain and anger and weakness! God continue to bless and keep you! CeCe

  2. Thank you so much CeCe. Your words are so encouraging, that this walk I'm on is surely not for nothing and truly God is doing what He said He would. Praise God for your deliverances and the great work for God you are now freed up to do!
    Princess Ayo