Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spirit of Infirmity

This demon comes into us when we don’t forgive. Wow, this really ties in with the Spirit of the anti-Christ that we just dealt with. A lot of our not forgiving others comes from that rejection we’ve experienced from others and from rejecting others.
This is no time to not take responsibility. If you haven’t forgiven someone, now is the time to confess. For you to be delivered you have to be honest with yourself.
Confess all unforgiveness to the Lord and ask Him to forgive you. Then release and forgive all those who have hurt you or come against you in any way. I find that sometimes we think we’ve let things go, and then something comes up (like an adverse wind) and you realize you’re still holding on. Let Go!

Yes, the process of forgiveness can sometimes take awhile, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Call that spirit of infirmity to attention:

“Spirit of infirmity, I call you to attention.”

I actually am identifying him in my room, so I have a ways to go with forgiveness, if he found a way back in…

“Spirit of infirmity, I bind you in the Name of Jesus (I see him being bound up) and I cast you out now in the Name of Jesus. (he’s gone, fast, like a jet plane)

I’m checking, ‘Spirit of infirmity I call you to attention.” Nope, he got outta here.

Now, I praise the Lord. “Thank you Lord, for your mighty power. Thank you for these lessons learned. Thank you for praise, a weapon of warfare. Were not tired Lord. We know in You our weakness is Your strength. So thank You for helping me to identify this problem and get rid of it. I worship You and bless You because You are awesome. You are so awesome, Lord. There is none beside You, none like You. Holy Spirit, pour your strength into me and the oil of healing through all the cracks and crevices that that infirmity demon had damaged. Lift up my spirits Lord that I be aware that my help comes from the Lord. And I can rejoice.

Excuse me folks, I had to get personal there.

Anyway, you know the drill by now. Next time, another demon we can knock out and destroy. Daily doing this, plus, putting sin behind us and worshipping the Lord; the enemy’s kingdom is coming down in our lives and we will live more victoriously.

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