Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Haughty Demon

We all know this one and it is a stumbling block, perhaps even one of the little foxes(Song of Solomon 2:15). Our pride. It invites in the haughty demon. Confess it and if you’re having trouble because some of us have been so proud for so long that we’re like ‘Duh?’ ask God to help you see it. He will, for this is truly a problem. Repent of it and ask God for forgiveness. Call the demon to attention.

“Haughty spirit, I call you to attention in Jesus Name.” When you identify it;

“I bind you in the Name of Jesus and I cast you out into the abyss, now.”

Praise the Lord for release. Receive His forgiveness and forgive yourself.

NB: Areas of pride you may not think of – not wanting to take help from anyone, but always giving help; not wanting anyone to see you doing good, lest they criticize some part of it; calling your way of cooking rice, the only way (O.K. I got a little personal:( ,you catch the drift……………………………….)

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