Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spirit of Jealousy

This bugger gets in when we do what is so easy and common for us to do – resent someone, something, some situation, some government or institution. We have to repent for feeling resentment. There are so many areas where this can enter in so repent of all areas and ask the Lord to forgive you and release you. Then forgive yourself and receive the forgiveness of the Lord.

A word of caution; it doesn’t matter if you feel the resentment is justified – this resentment is welcoming the spirit of jealousy. This is when you have to take a “big boy pill” or a “big girl pill” in the Lord and drop the resentment and let it go. Drop it like a hot potato because it is burning you! Resentment eats away. Resentment weighs you down. Resentment is tiring and you can’t grow from strength to strength as you’re meant to. In other words it’s a show stopper.

Call that demon of jealousy to attention. Call the strongman spirit of the jealousy demon to attention first. Rebuke him in Jesus name, bind him and command him to leave by the Blood of the Lamb. By the law of God it has to go because you’ve repented and asked forgiveness of the Lord and therefore it’s already been bound in heaven. So by right you can get rid of that demon and step into your freedom. Bind up the retaliation spirits and demons that are being sent to try and hurt you because you dare know your rights in heavenly places and have dealt Hell a blow.

If you need to, and the Holy Spirit is right there to guide you into all truth, check and make sure the demon is gone by calling it to attention again. If need be bind those left and cast them out (cast out means command them to go – I just realized some of you might not know that churchy term “cast out”).

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