Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Spirit of Whoredoms

This spirit comes in when we commit idolatry. Yes, us. We may call ourselves Christians but we still sin and commit idolatry. The Israelites knew the Lord and sinned by idolatry (so many examples but one: 2 Chronicles 25:18). They are a shadow of us. We are doing the same thing. You may think you don’t bow down to an idol, but can you live without your boyfriend? Mmm. Can you give up your Bentley? Mmm. Can you let go your dream to get that PhD, you’ve wished for since you were 9 in the jungle of Bangladesh and you’re almost finished and have already spent so much money on it. But God has said pull out. Mmm! Perhaps a big ‘No’ for that last one.

You will need, in order to get rid of this demon of whoredoms, to confess areas where you have put people or things ahead of God. Note the disciple in Matthew 9:21-22. Or the rich ruler who wanted to know what else he could do for God, Matthew 19:20-24. Under the power of the Holy Spirit test yourself and think what is it that you could no way give up. Count that an idol. God will help you know. The Holy Spirit is happy to teach you and show you all truth, so He is ready and able and standing by, hoping you give Him a chance to help you get free.

So confess that you have put anything or anyone before God. Repent. Don’t do it anymore. Praise God for the power of Jesus blood washing you clean. Now you are on the side of right and can tell the whoredom demon that came in because of this idolatry. Tell the demon to get out and go where Jesus tells it to go.
Check to make sure it has gone by calling it to attention. If you still feel it’s around, bind up, rebuke, cast out again. Receive your freedom and rejoice.

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  1. Sister Carroll, thank you for this post! It was right on time for me and hit to the heart of a serious matter in my life. I cried out literally when I saw this post. It is so easy to hold on to things in this world and let them consume you. This is not the land of the free and home of the brave. For the first time I have been able to face myself and I struggled for a while with my feelings about this one but praise be to God, I let it all go. I had to go back again and face more stuff after I was sure that I had let it go. Even now I'm still searching my heart, but I can sense the peace of God. I couldn't understand why it is a real fight sometimes to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Now I know. May God continue to use and bless you for standing for Him!