Monday, May 24, 2010

The Perverse Spirit

I think this is a very prevalent spirit in America today. I see it and feel perverse behavior and even attitudes all around me often. Interesting that looking into the appearance of this perverse demon in our lives, I see it comes in because of ungodly places you’ve been, things you’ve seen, heard or read. Isn’t that interesting? Now, this does include pornography and that’s what first comes to mind, but I’m thinking of just being in situations that you know as you sit there are ungodly.

For example, sitting around with your church friends after Bible Study talking about someone, whom if she were there you would not say what you were saying the way you were saying it. Ungodly company. The perverse spirit is attracted to you and comes flying in.

Perverseness all around us comes from billboards, ads online, ads in newspapers, magazines, and commercials on TV. You can’t hardly go anywhere without seeing naked people portrayed in print or on screens or sometimes near naked dressed people walking down the street. In America we are inundated with this. Your first step is recognizing that you’re being affected by this.

As we have done in past postings, repent of this defilement. As usual, if you can’t think of anything that has defiled you, ask the Holy Spirit to help you. If you’re reading this, then you need it. Call this demon to attention. When you locate it in the room, rebuke the perverse spirit in the Name of Jesus. Bind it and cast it into hell. Warn it not to harm anyone on the way out or act out. Just go quietly.
When this is done, praise God. Receive the pouring of the oil of the Holy Spirit on the inside of you. On your spirit that has been wounded by the invasion of this spirit. Worship the Lord and praise Him for what He is doing on the inside of you through these teachings on comprehensive demonology.


  1. Perverseness has certainly increased in our world, we need to keep praying:)

  2. Praise God!!!! Thank you....thank you..

  3. Amen Victoria. The Lord's name be prsised indeed. he is worthy.

  4. Wonderful, how the Lord is using you. I will send others to this blessed!

  5. Praise God Sister 'becauseofloveministries'. I thank Him for His gift of knowledge. Continue to pray for me as I press forward.

  6. Mmm when I comment using LiveJournal I come up as childrenswriter...which I am:). I keep forgetting my Google account id.